Little Pub Company is committed to giving back to the neighborhoods and communities which support us. We take this stuff really seriously. Don't get me wrong: we are still going to goof around, just not in a way that would embarrass least not badly enough not to accept our help...Our company support takes three forms: in-kind support, volunteering, and cash support. These are in descending order of probability.

In-Kind Support

Generally in the form of gift certificates. This is a no brainer, the answer is yes, just be a real charity. No fair requesting Dinner & Drinks for Two for the benefit of Jack and his date. You can submit your request here or send it via mail to our office address. Email requests will be much quicker. It is also possible for us to host your charity for fundraising purposes at one of our establishments. Again, send details to our office.


Our staff works and plays pretty hard, but is known to help out quite generously when asked. Have a project or event you think a bunch of bar people might be able to tackle. Let us know what you have in mind, and we will genuinely work to make it happen. Just remember that anything before noon is known as "sleepytime" to 95% of our people...

Cash, Sponsorships, Grants and the Like

We don't advertise, as a general policy, at Little Pub Company. Our advertising budget actually goes out, in the form of cash, to support non-profit causes we believe in. A few years back, this led to a situation we lovingly called "overcommitted". The result was a decision focus, primarily, on Arts & Cultural causes. Not that we don't occasionally step outside the box, but usually, unless it's a favor or scratch-back, you need to be arts related. For anti-advertising values noted above, sponsorships are also rare. Love the causes, love the events, just not real big on having the logo in a program or showing up in the slide show. So that leaves cash support, which in our case means getting a grant through our company fund at The Denver Foundation. Yep, you guessed it: it's called the Little Pub Fund. It is still pretty small, but getting bigger. If you want to give it a shot, send your request to Mark Berzins at the address noted above. Nothing flashy, please. And for goodness sakes, no giant proposals please. I'll do my best. This cash stuff does tend to run out pretty quickly...

Raise The Bar

Through our partnership with The Denver Foundation, Little Pub Company is giving back to a multitude of charitable organizations in our community.  And, we try to make it easy for our customers to help out too.  
Since launching our “Raise the Bar” program in 2017, we’ve raised close to $100,000 for charitable organizations in and around Colorado.  For more information, please contact us at or 303-595-7770.

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